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Background, Awards & Publications

​Born into a gifted family of painters, Ziba Moasser now lives in Luxembourg. As a self-taught artist, Ziba found her passion in Acrylic painting in late December 2016. Having had her first exhibition in London on May 2017, Ziba has embarked on a creative journey, portraying her emotional experience of personal and physical war and peace, which come through in her paintings with an added universal depth. In her recent work, Ziba Moasser, has combined her two passions together: semi-precious stones and painting. Ziba, also wished that people who are visually impaired could also see her paintings. Her mother, Loban Mohraz, lost her eye sight shortly before she passed away. Ever since, Ziba started painting she wished that her mother would still be alive to see or at least feel her paintings. So she decided not only to combine her two passions together but to also start using modeling in parts of her paintings so that the art could not only been seen but parts of it could also be felt. This is a tribute to Loban Mohraz, who was also once a talented artist. 

Early Life:

Ziba Moasser - Nozari was born in Tehran, Iran in the year of 1959 and has lived most of her life in Iran. She has traveled to various parts of the world and had briefly lived in Dallas in her early 20's. She has been through the Iranian Revolution in 1979 as well as the Iran-Iraq war. After being married for 10 years, in 2000, she, her husband and daughter decided to move and live in the heart of Europe: Luxembourg.

Awards & Nominations




International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci

Awarded the "The Universal Artist"


Palazzo Borghese, Florence, Italy

20 January 2018

Global Art Award

Nominated in the Painting Category

Armani Hotel, Dubai, UAE

17 November 2017






Current Masters Vol. III

Published by WWA 2018, Santa Barbara, "Pages"


Art International Contemporary Issue #1

Published at EA Editore, January/Febrary 2018, "Page: 132"

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